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A new TV show idea

eccentric's Avatar

I have a wild idea for a new TV show.. 

Where would one present something like this?    It could be as big as the " Voice " and other's

of course that is in "My Mind"   :-)

Geraldine Duchatelier
Charlie Lumsden
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inovate's Avataree_badge

I look forward to it.

Julia M
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keeztan's Avatar

You could try TVWritersVault.com. I recently ran across an article about them (not endorsing). The only other way is to pitch directly to the Production Companies themselves. Good Luck

Julia M
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egglesto14's Avatar

Interesting! I am so busy watching shows by Andy Yeatman that I am not able to think about anything else. I would love to add some nice shows and movies to my list because it has been a very long time that I watched nice shows and spent time with my family.

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