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Any Success Submitting Same Invention Twice

taterdog1's Avatargold

   Has anyone ever had better success with one invention by submitting it twice to EN?

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kiskom's Avataree_badge

Barry, yes 

The Perfect Bacon Bowl ASOTV product was rejected 3-4 times by Edison Nation before being selected for development. The inventor, Thom Jenson a long time ago shared his success story with us. He was actually afraid to re-submit for fear of rejection for the third or fourth time.  His perseverance, however, finally paid off!!! 

I would love to learn the Edison Nation back story of why they initially rejected the invention, and what was it that made them change their minds? Just a thought, I often wondered was it a different reviewer that advocated for the success of the product? Who Knows?

Kim L
Robert Pontius
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rpontius's Avatarg8_badge

I've had many ideas rejected at R4 that made it to G7 in another search, usually after I enhanced the submissions. Those ended at R8 but had a shot at G8 they wouldn't have had otherwise, so it's definitely worth it to enhance and resubmit.

Joseph Fernandes
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taterdog1's Avatargold

Thank You both for the valuable information!

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