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ASOTV vs all categories search...

slist's Avatar

Hello everyone,

I have one question that stumps me. I have an idea and (presumptuously... as it is good customs) believe it would be a great product for either ASOTV as well as the al categories search.

Should I submit it to both? Will EN make the link between the submissions and choose the best path or is there a competition between internal evaluation teams? Something that would lead to the All Categories team to say "Damn, that idea was good but the ASOTV evaluation was quicker, now we lost it".

I'm just curios on how to submit it optimally... 


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magurn's Avatar

Hi Stefan!

In agreement with Frank - Edison Nation does not take responsibility for opting ideas submitting to one search and submit to a secondary search - that is in your control. As you are an Insider, opting an idea into more than one search is free for you.

Best of luck!

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