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Edison Nation Collaboration?

rharker's Avatar

I know that I have heard of EN teams from somewhere but my searches for collaboration turn up either dead posts or 10 year old posts.  What is the procedure for doing an invention as collaborators?  Does one simply list the other members when doing the disclosure?

EN 6 years Ago on Teams

IAW this earlier guidance then am I to understand that there must be a central inventor to submit and this person would be responsible in doling out any future royalties to the team member?  Would we simply list the contributors in the submission and EN would then process the patent paperwork to reflect multiple inventors?

Go Gators!

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rpontius's Avatarg8_badge

I've participated in EN collaboration teams in 2 ways:

1. Submit via my EN account (or one other member's account) on behalf of the team, listing other team members as "contributors". I have one of these submissions live right now and my collaborator is listed as a contributor with all contact info and a description of contributions - I expect EN would include that inventor's name on the patent paperwork with mine, when/if the time comes.

2. Create a separate "team account" so that everyone on the team can access the account at will with a shared login and password. Downside: you don't get "insider" benefits unless members chip in for insider membership. Each submission also lists all members as "contributors" so I expect IP would be handled the same as a submission through an individual account.

For example, I'm a member of "The Lunar Men" team, which has a separate team account (the team makes consensus decisions but has one primary contact person): https://www.edisonnation.com/users/the.lunar.men

Kevin P
Kristina Poindexter
Mark Bartlett
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rharker's Avatar

Thanks Robert! 

This is the kind of helpful info I was interested in;)

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magurn's Avatar

Hi Robert!

Confirming Robert P's response to you is correct.

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