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Edits to ideas

tangatanga's Avatargold

Question. if you go in and edit your idea with pertinent information. How do we know that the person assigned to your idea has gotten the updated information. Where should the information be placed?

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sgdromms's Avataren_staff_badge

Tanga -

If/when you update a submission we always advise for innovators to clearly mark the submission as updated.

BEST APPROACH : start of Description Section do the following  ******UPDATED June 5th, 2019 - below added:   I have updated the idea with a new button that does X**********

No one person is signed a submission. All of our team members are involved doing reviews and are regularly checking in on submissions, reviewing, dashboard movement, etc. and will alert other team members internally when updates to submission need to be re-reviewed or evaluated.

Hope this helps.

Mike Kelley
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tangatanga's Avatargold

Thanks. Yes that helps!

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