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Experiences or Opinions on Skarktank?

taterdog1's Avatargold

   I recently got an e-mail from Sharktank requesting for me to join and submit my inventions. This was the first time I have ever heard of Sharktank. Please express your opinions or experiences with them. TY

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kabuj's Avataree_badge

Hi Barry

SHARK TANK is a very popular "reality" type show in the U.S. and affiliate shows in various countries...

My first question would be how did they find out about your invention in the first place and are you sure it is THEE "Shark Tank" or is it an imposter, referral or even an affiliate?  They generally have people lined up to go on the show so it is surprising that they would be soliciting randomly for inventions/products.

Shark Tank is usually looking for products that are already being produced. I know a few people who were on the show and they generally had positive things to say. Just understand that the deals that are agreed to on the show (on screen) are agreed under certain qualifications AFTER further research and validation. So a "deal" is not necessarily a "deal". the Sharks have a lot of wiggle room to decline the deal after the fact.

My two cents/ Good Luck

Thearesa Coursey
Adrian Panghe
Derrick James
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taterdog1's Avatargold

 I am currently not a member of Sharktank but I entered my name and number and a day later they called asking for my invention. I did not feel comfortable with this, so I declined for now. They also claim to have billions to invest in newly discoverd inventions/ That sounds a little far fetched.

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rbear1967's Avatar

We've interviewed some inventors on the Invention Stories Podcast who have been contestants on the ABC series Shark Tank like Becca Brown and Monica Ferguson 

I don't know if you are being scammed or not but I would be guarded.  Shark Tank receives a tremendous amount of interest/requests to be on their show by inventors and entreprenuers and don't need to find people.

Be careful!

Thearesa Coursey
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