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Getting on the show

gabbymarch's Avatargold

How does one get to be on the show Everyday Edisons?

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Hi Gabrielle,

Years ago, we auditioned for the show. Every Day Edison went to several states and held open auditions calls. I remember my audition day like it was yesterday. Back in the day, inventors came from all over to attend the open casting call. We were divided into groups and taken to a room privately to pitch our idea in front of 3-4 judges. When it was my turn, I knew instantly that the judges understood and liked my idea. I was confident because I had a patent and a prototype. I had the experience of presenting my product to stores, so I felt comfortable talking about my product. Edison Nation staff informed the groups to return to a large waiting room, and then they started to eliminate calling names to leave. They did not call out my name, so I knew I was making it to the next level: "The Green Room." The Greenroom was where they filmed you presenting your idea for the potential to be selected for the show. You still had to go home and wait to see if you were one of the lucky ten inventors to be chosen because they still had other states to visit and hold open auditions.

To answer your question, They no longer do open casting calls as they did in the past. I believe Edison Nation will have an open search for Season Six. Edison Nation will prompt members and outside members to submit their invention idea for the hope and dream of having their ideas selected and developed for the season six shows! Best of luck!!! 

Rodney Goodrich
Derrick James
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