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Idea Passed Stage 3

cmcphers's Avatar

Hi everyone,

My name is Connor, I'm 18 years old and a Sophomore in college, and I submitted an idea to Edison Nation that falls into the novelty category. I recently got the green light that my idea has moved onto stage 4, however I must say I'm quite nervous. I believe my idea is very innovative, however, I'm afraid that whoever reviews my idea may say otherwise. I've always been great when communicating with people. It is very difficult to pitch my idea in an online environment. I wish there was someway to speak to a representative at Edison Nation about my ideas. I feel that if I could talk to someone on the phone, or even visit in person, a company would pick up my idea.

My questions are-

1) Is there anyway to contact someone at Edison Nation directly?

2) If my idea doesn't move any further on Edison Nation, what other options should I pursue?


Connor Mac

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magurn's Avatar

Hi Connor! 

My name is Michelle Sartori and I'm the Community Manager at EN!

First, welcome to Edison Nation and we're glad to have you as an Insider member. Due to the large amount of ideas being evaluated on a daily basis, it is not feasible for the team to reach out personally to all our innovators. 

That being said, we have done our best and continue to work to ensure communications are up to date on your Edison Nation Dashboard. As you have seen, each time your idea moves in the evaluation process, you receive a notification from us letting you know about the move. If your idea is getting pitched by our Licensing Team in the All Category Search, you'll receive direct updates from the team as they are available letting you know how the pitching process is going, along with any feedback we receive on your idea.

If your idea is in a sponsored search, the process is a bit different, as at the end of the search, if your idea is a G7 (stage 7) it is considered a finalist and will be presented alongside other finalists to the sponsor for consideration. You can actually learn more about what happens before, during and after an innovation search presentation by checking out Room 5 open now until tomorrow at 2pm EST.

If your concept is declined by Edison Nation, it is no longer covered under our Innovator agreement and you are free to pursue other opportunities.

Hope this clarifies and we wish you the best of luck!

Yan Hao (Andrew) Mo
James Chapman
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cmcphers's Avatar

Thank you so much for the helpful info Michelle!

Michelle Sartori
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chappy75's Avatar

Welcome Connor! Good for you, finding EN so early. Stick around and listen to the feedback. That is a feature EN added which makes this process much more informative than it was before. There is so much to learn.

Ideas should "Pop" in a vacuum without your personality involved. Simple market indicators determine the genius of any product. That is what the EN process is all about. Scott Dromms presents the ideas, after the 8-step process, when they have more meat on them and a marketing direction. It is difference in presenting an idea vs a product ready for market.

Again, Welcome aboard, Best wishes...


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