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Is it worth submitting to EN having already disclosed to other companies?

ahirsh's Avatar

Hi, Everyone - 

I am brand new to EN but I am intrigued and starting to learn the ropes.

I came across EN after already filing a provisional patent and submitting my invention to a number of companies without a non-disclosure agreement.... I have even received brief feedback from OXO saying they are intrigued with my idea and will be in touch soon (even though that was over a month ago).

I am tempted to submit my invention to EN however I do not know if I should since I have already disclosed to the other companies.

Can anyone please provide me their recommendation?!

Thanks in advance,

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magurn's Avatar

Good afternoon ahirsh!

You are certainly welcome to submit your idea to Edison Nation, even with prior disclosures. There is an "intellectual property" section of the submission form that will ask you to include not only details of your PPA filing, but disclosures as well.

We wish you the best of luck and look forward to reviewing your idea soon!

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ahirsh's Avatar

Thank you both for your feedback!

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