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Medical claims for invention

erichwmack's Avatargold

has anyone ever successfully passed an invention which makes a medical claim (active ingredient, acne treatment, pain relief, etc,,,) through Edison searches or insider licensing? Everytime I’ve submitted I get to stage 6 in some cases and are rejected saying that the invention makes medical claims and would have to be verified.  Ok soooo...the invention is valid but the extra work makes it undesirable due to efficacy validation?  Even if the ingredients are already on the FDA monogram?  If Edison Nation and their kicensignpartners Black list medical claim inventions then that’s great but at least put the disclaimer to not submit those ideas.  

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magurn's Avatar

Hi Erich!

Edison Nation does accept these types of ideas, and we would not blacklist the category because there are folks who have had testing done to prove results who want to submit through EN to let us handle pitching. 

We do not perform any development or handle testing for products as a part of our evaluation process.

If you are submitting an idea that involves a formula or some type of product that promises a specific result, we would need to have some form of proof of concept because that is one of the first questions we receive from potential partners. 

Hope this clarifies!

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