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Prior art - what do I have to look at

slist's Avatar

Hello everybody,

I am new on EN but so far I love it. I submitted my first two ideas and need to have patience now. Meanwhile I am already doing my research on some new ideas.

I know that "prior art" is a potential deal breaker. I came up with an interesting product idea but someone on the internet published a 3D rendering of the same concept some years ago. There is nothing more than a rendering. No product is being sold, no patents have been filed (as far as I know)...

Is this basically a deal breaker? Even if there is no product for sale and no patents?

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jdowney9000's Avatargold

Competition would run rampant.

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magurn's Avatar

Hi Stefan!

Welcome to Edison Nation and so glad you are loving the experience so far!

Regarding navigating patent research, Edison Nation cannot provide legal guidance. In these instances, we suggest speaking to a patent attorney to get advice.

I wish you the best of luck!


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slist's Avatar

Thanks for all your answers. Well, it's an Idea I had... and the guy wanted to show off his 3D skills. But basically came up with a 3D modelled version of my idea.

Anyhow... I'll investigate. I am sure I can change it a tad to bring in some novelty

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