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Reviews of "Invention Home" company....

joecat818's Avatar

Im very new to this area,  Have had ideas for products in past but I have one that I think has potential.  I found "Invention Home" on internet and have received an email and phone call from the company.  I have not signed anything or agreed to anything with them yet.  I always like to find out as much as posisble about a company or someone before I do business.  Can anyone give me any advise?


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magurn's Avatar

Hi Joseph!

We cannot advise on Invention Home's model, but we do invite you to review our process and standard terms/conditions by visiting the Edison Nation Help Page. 

If you determine that we may be a fit for your needs, we look forward to reviewing your ideas soon!

We wish you the best of luck!

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chicagoinventor's Avatarg8_badge

I don't know anything about that company but don't pay anyone anything more than a small amount to review your invention. It is $25 at this website.

Michelle Sartori
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keeztan's Avatar

Well said Michael, something tells me 2018 is your year.

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