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The Single,most Important aspect of Inventing. Do you agree?

taterdog1's Avatargold

   I think we can all relate to the business steps of inventing,patents pending,patents, licensing.royalties and on and on. These are very important and complicated steps, but they must be done.I feel the most important aspect of Inventing, a simple but very necessary step to inventing is to record your invention on paper or anything else legible soon after you realize the idea. Paper, notebooks, paper napkins, card board, wood and many more are common items in our lives that can be used to record your invention ideas. I have lost a few great ideas because I did not record them. Iwill never be able to retrieve them. Nothing worse than lying in your bed at night trying to retrieve a lost invention. RECORD! RECORD! RECORD! Good luck with your inventing and have a great day!!!

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magurn's Avatar

Awesome thought Barry! 

Edison Nation's Sparks are a great place to confidentially capture your ideas and easily convert them to submissions once you're ready! 

Best of luck and Happy Inventing to all!

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grannygoose1's Avatar


I must say, I too have been a victim of not following through on a few inventions  in the past.  I recorded them , but didn't carry out the necessary steps by way of getting a patent, or a patent pending status, only later to see it in several stores! It's bomber to see your idea product already being on the shelves of wal Mart, Target, K-Mart and Sears, just to name a few. 

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