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Totally new with an indea

jmad64's Avatar

Good Day,

So I have an idea in mind for an invention. I am totally new and, honestly, have no idea what I am doing yet. With my idea in my pocket, I already spoke to a patenting company who buttered me up like no other. From that point, I knew I needed to stop and do some more research. I have read I should research if anything thing like my idea has already been invented and being sold. From my hours of searching, I have found nothing like mine. Now, this is where I am now. I have the idea and picture in my mind. The only writing down I have done is on a coffee cup sleeve (keep in mind Facebook was started on a napkin). I have no idea how much production is going to cost, I don't know who I can trust to help me build my product, and I don't know what companies are going to actually help me and who's just going after my wallet, and I don't know how to get off the ground with funding.

Can I get some good advise from yall?



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magurn's Avatar

Hi Joseph and welcome to Edison Nation!

You've come to the right place, if you're interested in submitting your idea to EN, we'll review it for potential licensing opportunities. All ideas submitted to us are done privately through our secure online submission system.

We do not require ideas to be patented to be considered. We also do not require prototypes to be created for consideration.

I'll let the community members jump in here as well, but if you haven't already done so, please check out our Help page to learn more about our process.

Best of luck to you!

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joekur's Avatar

Hi Joe, and welcome to EN!  Good for you putting on the brakes to do some research before getting taken in by the Other Guys Who Want Lots and Lots of Your Money.  If you're looking to license your idea, as opposed to developing and selling product yourself, I agree with Michelle that you've come to the right place.  Edison Nation provides a great service for very little cost, along with a great community and resources (these forums and the EN blog) to help you along the way.  I also agree with Leo that the importance of research (including reading as much as you can here) cannot be overstated.  And it sounds like you've already made a great start on that front.

If you do decide to submit your idea here, again there are some very helpful forum threads and blog posts here that can help guide you.  My own advice would be to start setting to paper (or computer screen) as much information as you can about your idea, whether it be text descriptions or sketches or other graphical means, or all of the above, and then start refining that information down to a sharp edge, so to speak, that will fit the submission format (which requires clarity and brevity).  Oh, and keep your idea private, at least until you learn about Public Disclosure (not good) and Non-Disclosure Agreements (good) at the very least.  You can submit your idea to Edison Nation without worry, of course, as you will be electronically signing their Innovator Agreement when you submit.

Welcome again, and best of luck!

Glenn Stok
Michelle Sartori
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mrrpena's Avatar

Hello Joe, I am going to agree with all of the above information. Researching is your best tool. It cost you nothing. I would also advise to learn some patent law and how it can pertain to your Idea. I recommend the book "Patent it Yourself" by Nolos. It is best to learn the basic concepts of patents and how to search though patents for your research. Make a note to yourself "first to file" gets the patent, not first documentation of the idea. Learn how to convey your idea without giving up the "How to" to the create the idea when speaking without a no-disclosure agreement in place.

Best of luck! 

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