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Transition from Targeted Search to Insider Licensing

retireejay's Avatargold

I've got a product idea that made it all the way to Stage 8 in a Targeted Search, but was eventually turned down because the company that had asked for ideas changed their mind (new management) and didn't accept any ideas at all.

My idea was under a Provisional Patent at the time of that Targeted Search, but because the Provisional was expiring, I went ahead and worked with a Patent Attorney to submit an application for a Utility Patent.  So now, given that the product has already been reviewed favorably by Edison Nation, I'd like to submit it for the Insider Licensing program.

My question is this:  will the folks working on the Insider Licensing Program have full access to the previously-submitted materials (and the internal documentation that EN may have created during its evaluation)?  In other words, do I need to create a new, fully-documented submission, or just refer to the previous work and add the patent application documentation?

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magurn's Avatar

Hi Jay!

The team will be able to see all information in your submission when you opt it into the Insider Licensing Program.

Please be sure to go into your idea and update with your new patent information, as well as any additional new updates before submitting and note those updates in your submission.

Best of luck!

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