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Watched the new Everyday Edisons!

buffdon's Avatargold

Whose watching the new season? I just watched episode number 1! Great show. Congrats to all 3 inventors! Well done! I can’t wait to watch the rest. 

Greg Myracle
Derrick James
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goodrs1962's Avatargold

I just watched it. Pretty cool to see their ideas and hear the panels opinions. So congrats to all ! 

 This 1st episode leads me to believe that your chances of being selected for the show may depend on how ready you are to go to market? 

Each of these inventors have completed manf tools/ production manufactures in place and have even begun to sell to the marketplace. Its impressive to say the least , but, I  thought there would be see some ideas that were less mature.  Looking fwd to seeing what phase of development products will be in future episodes. 

Ps. I was rooting for the Snozzle Product too :)

Greg Myracle
Darlene Batrowny
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