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What Stage Should be Considered an Accomplishment?

lewdog's Avatar

I submitted one of my invention ideas to Edison when I first joined a couple weeks ago.  I think it is a good idea, but it isn't the best idea I have.  I'm just sticking my toe in the water so to speak.  I'm just curious given the 8 step process, at what point should someone consider it an accomplishment?  I know not all ideas are going to make it all the way to the production and licensing stage, but even for those that don't, it doesn't mean they weren't good ideas that could still be pursued in the future.  So right now my idea is at stage 3, and I've read a lot of people have problems at stage 4.  So other than the obvious stage 8, what's good? 

Michcail Pusey
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kimmyk's Avatargold

Many here think that getting past a 4 is an accomplishment!

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magurn's Avatar

Hi William!

I will defer to our members for their thoughts, the biggest hurdle, many have said and statistically from EN's perspective, is getting through Stage 4. This is where the team evaluates your idea for mass marketability and competitors on the market. 

No matter the stage, we appreciate all innovators who chose to share their ideas - it is a huge first step, and for many, the largest hurdle.

Best of luck to all!

Charlie Lumsden
Alli G
Derrick James
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keeztan's Avatar

First of all Welcome, William. You have already reached the accomplishment that 90% of the dreamers have not........you submitted your idea for review.

Claire turpin
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vitaminguy's Avatar

I think it all depends on where you're coming from. If you have no experience whatsoever in bringing a product from concept to market, then even a G3 is an accomplishment. You can learn from that and get better at it over time. But at my day job, I've brought hundreds of products from raw idea to market shelves over the years. So G3 isn't very meaningful to me. That said, I submit in two ways, and have two different sets of expectations. For submissions that I've put a lot of work into, anything shy of G6 is a disappointment. But I sometimes throw in ideas that I've put very little work into, just on a lark ... just for fun. If I have done absolutely no research and merely cobbled together some 3D illustrations, then, I'm delighted if I get a G3.

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tact_trunk_monkey's Avatar

G7, IMHO. At that stage, you've made it to the "big show"-your idea will be being presented to the decision-makers and will stand or fall on its merits at that point.

Rafael Avila
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lewdog's Avatar

So if you're an insider, does that mean your idea always gets to the review stage since you get feedback for being a paying member?  Does that diminish the accomplishment?

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chappy75's Avatar


Nothing is automatic in the 8-stage process member or not. Every stage has a different connotation to it an a different purpose. The better you get at your submissions the further you will get consistently. 

In the beginning you might find stage 4 very difficult to get by. Like Michelle said it is when  they start really looking at what you have and "checking the boxes"... Research will typically get you past this stage. If you are knowledgeable on your competition and present a compelling advantage of your product in a clear succinct manner, you'll be fine here. Once you start getting past this consistently you will know that you are learning something!

Stage 5 - OFF TO THE RACES! a beast when they really dig into marketability

Stage 6 - OMG The intellectual property  is critical... Research also solves this stage

Stage 7 - WOW! You made it to the big show

Stage 8 - Your in the money (If the market works in your favor!)

So, you see, every stage is critical and an accomplishment to its own right. Good luck, Happy inventing!


Michcail Pusey
Rafael Avila
Rafael Avila
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