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Would a bicycle pedal invention fit within the marketing company network of Edison Nation

yeah-right's Avatar

Ok, I have invented, prototype'd, patent published, and used extensively a pedal and shoe holster design for a few years now. I've tried the rest and mine is the best! Question is; Does a bike pedal fit within the Edison Nation network of marketing / retail companies? 

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chappy75's Avatar


Congratulations on the success of getting your patent published, only a lot of work went into getting you where you are. As for seeing if it fits EN's licensing business model The old adage; and seems to be sound advice here... "There's only one way to find out..." Submit it to their licensing program. Again, congratulations! Welcome to EN.

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magurn's Avatar

Hi Charles and welcome to Edison Nation!

If you feel your concept can be patented you are welcome to submit it to our All Category Search for consideration. 

To learn more about our process before submitting your idea, please visit the Help Page.

Best of luck!

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