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Official Collegiate Alt-Energy Challenge - Get involved!

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Inventors Digest is hosting the national 2010 Collegiate Alt-Energy Challenge.

About the contest:

Who: All U.S. college and college-bound students are eligible.

What: 2010 Collegiate Alt-Energy Challenge – Saving Our World One Kilowatt at a Time. The contest will award cash and other prizes for the most innovative low-cost, alternative energy-related technology, product, solution or service.

Why: A quarter of the world’s population lives without any form of electricity. Lack of access to electricity or power contributes to poverty, malnutrition, disease and death. It’s a vicious cycle, and one that can be alleviated through innovation and creative use of low-cost technology.

When: Contest launches March 26, 2010

Where: Exploratorium | The museum of science, art and human perception at the Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco

How: Students will submit videos – 2-minute “elevator pitches” – through our Web 2.0 platform at EdisonNation.com, ensuring IP protection and preserving potential licensing opportunities. (Winners will be announced during National Inventors Month in August 2010. Winners must agree to have their videos posted on InventorsDigest.com.)

Colleges, sign up to get your 10 free posters now! Simply provide your contact information and shipping address here. We’ll do the rest. That’s it – no cost to you. This offer is only for colleges and universities.

If you are interested in sponsoring this event, please contact Inventors Digest Editor Mike Drummond at 704.405.0712 or e-mail mike.drummond@inventorsdigest.com.

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rjlinnovations's AvatarRest In Peace

Best of luck with this contest!! Sounds exciting! Very glad to see ID,EN reaching out like this!

Too bad…I actually came up with a new idea today to generate electricity in bodies of water. I know the future answer for energy will involve the oceans to generate power, if not geothermal. Always been fascinated with the great potential of power bodies of water can generate….always been thinking of ways to generate with water.

I think I have something…and will go to a college to pound it out. Too bad I couldn’t get in the contest….but maybe I can….build a team in the college. I can’t finish or build my theory…it will take a number of brains.

I think the answer to the economy by country and the world as a whole will be solved by the lucky ones with the next discoveries of power generation besides fossil fuels which has obviously caused wars and further damage to economies yet.

Ron Komorowski
Inventor of Handi-Straps

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penster's Avatar


Did you send this to all the colleges for posting? What a great opportunity for the students!

Keep us posted.

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ronna's Avatar

EN Team,

Has this search “Inventors Digest 2010 Collegiate Alt-Energy Challenge” ever been completed? It seems like it simply went away. One of the only posts on the list was by Ron Komorowski like a year ago. Perhaps it is time for an EN update on this search.

Ron S.

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mger80's Avatarg8_badge


This contest was held last year and the winners were announced in Inventor’s Digest. I guess it wasn’t ever announced on this thread. Ron brought it back up to the top to ask what had happened with it.

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ronna's Avatar

EN Team,

Thank you for the update. Maybe EN should update the dashboards in a timely manner so we know when a search has ended. I have two invention ideas in this search that are still listed with a green check mark at level 3 six plus months after the search has ended! Does EN pay someone to keep these dashboards current? This seems to happen rather often.

Ron S.

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