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Official Q & A with Everyday Edisons Creative Team

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Have any questions for the Everyday Edisons Creative Team? Well, this is the place and now’s your chance.

Find out more from the team behind the naming, logo design and packaging at Everyday Edisons.

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Hi Alexa
I can’t wait until I have a product that gets to the creative team.But til then I remain on 3G:)

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Hi Alexa,

What are the first 3-5 things you consider when naming a product?

And, if it comes down to a decision between two names, what is the deciding factor?


Kurt and Becky

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Hi Kurt and Becky-

Thank you for your post. I’m sure many others out there are also wondering how we come up with our names!

The most important things we consider when naming are: product category, end user, and functionality. A kid’s toy will have a much different name than a new tool. We also consider URLs in naming, trying to give every name a clear and easy domain for people to find it. Once our group has narrowed down a list to anywhere from 2-5 names, we pass them around the company to see what everyone’s consensus is. We also have our patent and trademark lawyers check for any possible similarities in the category. All those things combined help us make a final decision. Hope this helps!


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Hi Keith,
That’s not exactly a question for the Everyday Edisons Creative Team. It would be better posted in the Live Product Search forum: http://www.edisonnation.com/forums/expert-q-and…

But I’ll answer it anyway :-)

If you have already manufactured your product and have been planning on building a business to sell your product, the Live Product Searches probably aren’t the best fit for you.

We have, however, found many inventors who have gotten to the manufacturing stage and realized they weren’t interested in running a business (or paying the manufacturing/tooling costs) – they just wanted to see their product on store shelves. The fact that their product is manufactured and ready to go is a great plus for them when presenting to a retailer via a Live Product Search so it most often will give them an edge. So their financial and time investment is to their benefit even in the Live Product Search arena.

Those in your shoes are the exception to the rule but there are still pros and cons to either commercialization strategy (and there are other strategies, too). At the end of the day, it comes down to which is the best fit for you. If you decide to build the business and take it to market yourself (sounds like that’s already the path you’re taking), we still have help for you. Check out forums, videos, skills & needs database, and education section as you take your product to market. Even better? Start a microblog on your profile page and tell us all how it’s going so we can learn with you.

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