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Always thinking of better ideas

jmorrissette's Avatar

This site should bring satisfaction to people like me who are constantly thinking of better, faster, cooler, ways for everything and don’t have a place to share. Hopefully they will accept one of the many ideas. Also if you are an entrepreneur with a more developed idea and want to develop and control manufacturing yourself, check out kickstarter.

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pegman's Avatar

I’m also always striving for the best of the best. I figure when I’m happy, others will be also. Have to let go once in a while, but always go back to the unfinished projects. Kickstarter really isn’t an option though. They cater to the artist, not the product developer. I also talked to a co-founder of a crowdfunding website this weekend. We’ll talk later about my new venture, but he also filled me in on some serious problems developing over at Kickstarter. Turns out that many are not fulfilling their obligations after successful and that some of these that are successful… “primed the pump” significantly.

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