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Attention Inventors

nequarae's Avatar

Hello, World of Inventors!

  My name is DeNequa. For as early as I can remember I've always been the weird one of my family. Taking things apart, putting things together. For the past few years my weird mind has finally given me two great ideas; one is a little out of this world and the other, well not so much. What I'm in need of, however, is where you come into play. I have no clue what I'm doing when it comes to manufacturing, advertising, patenting.... I'm pretty much clueless of all areas. If you are interested in helping me with potentially a million dollar idea please contact me via email. r.nequa@yahoo.com Thanks you guys!!

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marydickson's Avatar

Hi DeNequa -- welcome to Edison Nation! Our community members in the forums are a wonderful resource for you. Also, please check out our blog and our FAQs. There's no shortage of information for you here. 

Best of luck with your ideas, and happy inventing! 

Adam W.
Dan LePage
Michelle Sartori
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