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Need help posting video

zookiebeyerdorf's Avatar

Would someone be so kind as to post a wonderful video for me?Can’t seem to figure out how to do it.
All my kids are off Spring breaking it and I have no expertise in house at the moment.
I found the video, in ‘UPWORTHY’ under, ‘Put a brilliant scientist in a toy store’
I WANT TO DO THIS!!! I mean, ‘do’ what the video shows…and upload the video, too…

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kdc's Avatar

What an amazing man! It’s not just a toy or a way for the child to get around, but it’s also a great form of physical therapy!

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stephanieb's Avatarg8_badge

This is absolutely awesome!!! Using the push button accelerator to keep the little girl’s head up is yet another brilliant detail!!! I love it!

Good luck making one of these, Tannis!

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zookiebeyerdorf's Avatar

Thanks Frank…
So cool that this guy put up the plans for everyone to use.
You’re right Stephanie, these kids are having fun and probably have no idea they are strengthening their muscles.
I’d like to see the guys at EN put one of these together for a kid in need from their area. I bet their ride would ROCK!!
The scientist may have started a revolution…. :)

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betzy's Avatarg8_badge

Thank you for sharing this video Tannis (and Frank!).

Naturally, as you may have guessed, I was tearing up watching it.

I think I’ll request plans so grandpa Roy can build a little car for Little Roy with the accelerator on the left hand grip!

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kiskom's Avataree_badge

Thank you Tannis Curls for sharing this video with us. I love how each toy car is individualized to promote therapy with each child’s individual disability.

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marcus's Avataree_badge

Thanks for Posting this Tannis. A simple reminder that most of us invent to make a better world.

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angelslvone's Avatar


Thanks for sharing such a brilliant and caring mind. Frank, Mark Stark, Margaret you are spot on with your comment.
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