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OK, its time to get something to the retailers

pegman's Avatar

As more and more people see your idea, it becomes more and more apparent that you have to get it into stores for sales to generate. Online is one thing, but in the retail store is where the action lies.

Like several others here, I have a website, gone to tradeshows, have proven sales, have a customer demand, manufacturing is either in place, engineered, or sourced. Price points established and even retailers willing to make the purchase. Perhaps even had potential customers that expressed an interest in a variaion of your product that fell under your patent protection and could gross millions if you could move forward just on a small scale somewhat.

A great idea is one thing, but distribution and cash flow keep it from happening. the bank won’t lend money since you don’t have the sales record and you can’t get the sales without some cash to invest. The minimum production numbers demand that you buy in bulk to be profitable, but the order sizes that trickle in as others become aware, and the distribution prevent you from moving forward, thus even the small orders are lost.

In chess, it would be a stalemate. Can’t move forward, just back and forth preventing progress.

How do you break up a stalemate?

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mowpar's Avatar

Maybe you might want to give this a thought, throwing money at something does not always fix the problem. Give this invention a little space, back off of it a little, and don’t let it get you so far down that you forget that you are the one that came up with it, and therefore can think of others.

I believe from what I have wittnessed that you have done, pretty much, everything right, in other words you have not made mistakes that have hendered your invention.

What would you tell someone, if he came to you with this same type of problem?

People looking from the outside in, see things that you do not want to see.

Stalemate is just what it implies, you can’t get around it.

Good Luck and don’t give up on yourself, this product is not you.

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