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How did you get your invention on the shelves of a retail store? I would like to hear your success stories in getting liscensed… through EN’s Live Product Search or otherwise. Please include info on how you presentated your information whether it is hand sketched, drafted, electronically modeled, physically prototyped, etc. Did you use a licensing firm? Thanks for sharing.

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davalonia's Avatar

Hi Mark,

I have entered the current HS LPS and am happy with it. I started this thread to get some specifics on what it takes to get licensed in and outside EN form people who have already done so. Have you any tales? Yes, I’m new to inventing.

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davalonia's Avatar

Come on friends! Is this going to be like pulling teeth or god forbid, like talking about HOW MUCH MONEY ONE MAKES at one’s job? Let’s teach the newbees like myself how to get a product licensed with and without EN. Thank you in advance for your time.


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phillipcardwell's Avatar

I have a question, WHY does it have to be SO expensive to patent an invention? Seems like a big roadblock to a lot of creative people to me.

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toni's Avatarg8_badge

Hi Lee, There are hundreds of threads on EN that you can
search to find your answers. You see the search button on
the top right, well just type in example: licensing or
non disclosure agreements and press search and all the
threads that were about those subjects will come up.

There are many different ways to get a product licensed.
Not just one or two. So everybody has a different story.

Me personally, I hired a patent attorney, filed for a non-
provisional patent and started cold calling all the mfgs.
that pertained to the product I invented. It was a lot
of hard work, but after working hard for over one year
I am in the processing of getting a license deal for my
patent hopefully. I say hopefully, because until all the
i’s are dotted and the t’s crossed anything can happen.
Still working back and forth with the Manufacturer.

Hope this helps Lee – Good luck to you. :)

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davalonia's Avatar

Thanks, Toni! I knew I could count on you.

P.S. I’m with you Phillip!!! I’m looking for the money to patent also. The good thing is that the USPTO has a Provisional Patent now which gives a year’s time to license the product or raise enough money to patent it ourselves.

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toni's Avatarg8_badge

Hi Phillip, Lee is correct PPA is only $110.00.

Welcome Phillip to EN.

I don’t know why it cost so much either. You would think
that it would be a lot less expensive. Unfortunately,
it is not and that’s the cost of doing business. (I guess)

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matt's Avataren_staff_badge

Lee & Phillip: It’s noteworthy that you don’t need to file for a patent in order to submit an idea to a Live Product Searches on Edison Nation. Check out the FAQ on the Opportunities tab for more information on why we believe the LPS does not qualify as public disclosure. Of course, if your idea is selected to be taken to market through a LPS, we take care of all of the patent expenses for you.

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