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Thanks Arnold Palmer

inovate's Avataree_badge

Rest in Peace to a great gentleman.

 You did what you came here to do. I hope we all can.

Blessings to you and all you have touched.

Ralph Machesky
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speedbump's Avatar

Arnold Palmer brought golf to a new level just by being himself. 

For "Arnie's Army" he was the man for their generation of golf enthusiasts. 

Rest in Peace!!

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kdc's Avatar

RIP, Mr. Palmer!

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jalyia's Avatarg8_badge

Thanks for the post! It reminds us all what we can achieve when we do what we came to this earth to do! What a tremendous legend he leaves behind.

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kimmyk's Avatargold

Truly someone to look up to... I've never heard anything bad about him, and that's saying something for as long as he was in the spotlight. God Speed!

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psinventor's Avatargold

I knew him. My father was incharge of home sales for Ironwood CC golf course in PalmDesert CA that Arnold Palmer endorsed.  As a boy we used to go to lunch together riding in the golf cart to the clubhouse. 

He was a nice man. 

Charlie Lumsden
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kimmyk's Avatargold

How cool, Jim!

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inovate's Avataree_badge

Nice memories Jim.

Never met him, but did get to work on stone showers and kitchen for his partner in the golf channel. I know why they were so great partners. Him and Joe Gibbs were out of the same mold. Both true gentlemen, full of peace.

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