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joseph's Avatar

Happy fourth of july to all of my friends,staff and EN members.

Roger Tom Matt
Toni Eva Alecia
LisaLisa Jamie
Cheryl Delores George
Lindsey Marquetta
Cynthia Ron
Don Robert
Shelly Colonel Steve

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joseph's Avatar

Robert if this country should ever fall, it would be from the inside. don’t forget 911, so may god continue to bless America, the home of the free.

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dond's Avatarg8_badge

I believe the country will fall only when people wholesale give up. Times are tough all over the globe and now is not the time to splinter into groups, but to join one another so we can work together. I, as others are thankful to our first soldiers, those who signed the Declaration of Independence so long ago pledging to support of the Declaration and the future of this great country stating: “we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor”. These early soldiers knew what was on the line not unlike our current soldiers who keeps us safe today.

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dond's Avatarg8_badge

Hi Robert, No offense taken. You obviously care a great deal about this country and its people. Like there are more than 13 new ways to perk up an old established 50 year product like WD-40, I believe there are even more ways to perk up our old established 233 year old country. One good idea, from one person is not enough. Diversity is needed. Happy Birthday America and many more.

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