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What happen to Monster Pong?

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Edison Nation doesn’t appear to be giving much support for their own inventors and inventions.
This appears to be an epic fail on their part.

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Monster Pong has been licensed to WHAM-O. The ball has been – literally – in their court. Learn more about what resources we’ve put behind what we believe is one of the coolest games ever invented on this previous thread:


We had massively high hopes for Monster Pong with WHAM-O but their ability to place the product in retail has been a disappointment. Despite the fact that Monster Pong takes up a fraction of the space of a regular ping pong table, WHAM-O has had issues placing the product in some of the larger retailers that they have access to due to the size of the packaging. They’re used to stocking hundreds of frisbees in the space that could not fit a stack of Monster Pongs. That forced them to take the specialty retailer route, which is not the place we want to be.

We continue to explore other options on a weekly basis for Monster Pong. We love the product and have invested a ton of energy/time/money into developing it but it fills a very difficult to reach niche from many different levels. We’ll get there, though. Anybody who has been a part of our community for a significant period of time will tell you that we don’t give up.

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Thanks for taking the time to explain that Matt. I’m sure even the experts’ heads are spinning at all the variables involved in your industry, and I personally know first hand how elusive mass market success can be. Best of luck with Monster Pong.
Username: Michael, it is important to view all the material on the table when considering a criticism. The fact that E.N secured a license with WHAM-O is easy to ascertain. That should have satisfied your anxiety toward E.N. Take a lesson in what Matt’s saying about WHAM-O, that kind of information is among the many jewels you will find in this forum. And the pride they take in the mantra of “never giving up” is another jewel that sets them apart.
Best of luck.

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funfam4's Avatar

Patric…Funny that you mention Monster Pong’s “overall design” because after I just checked to make sure that it is still listed up there under the EN’s “Successes” tab, they have it described as shaped like a guitar pick!

Hmmm….now wouldn’t that be crazy if EN did a few quick (expert) modifications to one of the Monster Pong sets and presented it to Fender to take back to their factory headquarters as a possible display item (or used in any way they wanted)…but to also help gain more exposure of this fun product? Quick-fix it to look exactly like a giant (Fender?) guitar pick and maybe when the ball goes in the cup…a few famous, electronic guitar riffs (Hendrix?) could sound? Okay…I said crazy! LOL!

Or…how about a specially designed “guitar pick-shaped” Monster Pong table set for Brett Michaels and “Rock My RV”… Just thinking it would be totally cool if he were to sponsor a LPS here at EN! (Among all the many things he has done/is doing in his past and present…he has also developed his own line of pet products for PetSmart…thus, an inventor too!)

He is currently working on this highly popular reality show with the Travel Channel…who in turn has partnered with Camping World for products involved with these “extreme” RV make-overs! Coincidentally, Monster Pong would fit in well with Camping World’s other line of game tables…and open up more awareness to all the RVers…and other huge fans of Brett and/or this popular show?? And please take my suggestions with a grain of salt too…they are certainly not coming from the Business Planet!! LOL!!

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