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What happened, I'm stuck

tdevoe's Avatar

I have been green on 1 & 2 and have been sitting on #3 for over a month. The support pages say that steps 1-3 are usually the quickest for review. I am wondering if I got lost in the shuffle somewhere. Is this normal? Thank you.

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ipowereverywhere's Avatar

depends on the amount of entries and your line on the que… I have seen it both ways- but if you had movement originally you have not been forgotten…its a sloooooooooooooow process.

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kdc's Avatar

You can join as an ‘Insider’ and have priority over non-Insider members. That may move things along a little quicker for you…

Review Priority

All submitted Insider ideas are flagged in our search review system and are reviewed ahead of regular members.

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biglion's Avatar

Don’t worry, you didn’t get lost in the shuffle and the time it takes to climb the steps depends on the search. Open searches also take much longer than an LPS due to the number of submissions that need to be reviewed. For an LPS, the only date you really need to care about is the presentation date. It can (and has) taken up to the night before a presentation to go to G7 or R.

Be patient, your submission will be reviewed in due time.

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