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A new general wrench

mans's Avatar

I have invented a new general wrench that will be among the famous wrenches ( that have existed up to now) with a wide usage and great sail in the world. It is an innovation entirely and is in the socket -wrench field. It is very very capable for a fast and profitable manufacturing. The profit of it will be billion Euro or Dollar for the company that holds its patent license and begin manufacturing this type of general wrench. I have designed it in  four model but with one main mechanism and everyone is very excellent. 

I have received its domestic patent license in Iran but have not revealed that to any company yet. I am in a harry to buy the invention with the high productivity and sale as soon as possible because I am in a tight spot financially and it is probable that I miss the house that I am living in. So my situation is hard and the time is an important factor for me. 

Can do Edison national organization help me to find a proper company in Europe or America to sell this valuable wrench? I mean, can do you introduce the wrench to a reliable company in a short time? I promise if the company see the wrenches, it will be interested to buy it for production. If EN can do this, I sincerely promise to pay your rights as the best immediately. 

The only things that are very important for me are: security of my invention (it hasn't an international patent) - warranty against copyright and time.



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magurn's Avatar

Hi Mans!

If you are interested in submitting your wrench idea for evaluation, you are welcome to do so in our Open Search. We will evaluate for different commercialization paths. 

If you have not already done so, definitely check out the Edison Nation Help Page to learn more about our process.

Best of luck!

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