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Automtive Specialty Tool

brianedsall's Avatar

Dear E.N. ,
I have developed a tool that is needed in every quick-lube and automtive shop in the United States and Canada. Problem is when I went to get the patent I found that there is a person that has a similar patent that was issued before The problem even came about. What direction should or can I take at this point.

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joekur's Avatar

As a fellow inventor, my suggestion if you haven’t already done so would be to consult with a patent attorney or agent about your prospects for being able to obtain any kind of patent protection for your idea. It is a complex process, and you neither want to dismiss your idea too early if it does have patentable features, nor carry on and waste time and money on an invention you will not be able to protect. Of course another slightly less direct, but very viable and inexpensive option would be to submit your idea to the Open Search here at EN, and they will evaluate your idea from every angle, including whether obtaining patent protection would be a likely possibility. I also suggest reading as much as you can about the process here in the forums and also on the Patent Office’s website, www.uspto.gov.

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magurn's Avatar

Thanks so much for your thoughts Joseph and I wholeheartedly agree!

Edsall, we recommend you consult with your patent attorney for next steps. Once you determine how you want to proceed, you are welcome to submit the idea to our Open Search if you determine your idea is patentable.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions if you have not already done so to learn about our process: www.edisonnation.com/faq.

Best of luck!

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