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Edison Nation Medical search

ritschel's Avatar

Anyone else in the Edison Medical Nation search?  It's got a slightly different process than Edison Nation and they don't have a message board.

I just made it past stage 3. (Orange 3?  O3?)  They have 3 feasibility stages.  Initial, intermediate and advanced.  Does anyone know the real differences between these?

I'm just really excited about this and want to know other peoples' experiences.

TIA for any stories from those who have also submitted things on ENM!

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magurn's Avatar

Hi Timothy!

Edison Nation Medical is our sister company and does operate their searches a bit differently than Edison Nation. If you have not already done so, you should definitely check out their help page to learn more about their process and how it differs from that of Edison Nation. 

Any questions for their team directly can be sent to: questions@edisonnationmedical.com.

Best of luck to you!

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carlganio's Avatar

Hi Timothy,

ENM used to have a forum, but very few people contributed.  They have 8 stages that are very well explained over there.  The feasability stages you speak of are 3,4,5.  There are many more issues than just IP when looking at medical products, devices, and ideas. Ideas can also take much longer to get through.  Many fail at stage 4, which is typical here as well.  I still have a few things bouncing around over there...but I have had several drop by the wayside as well.  Keep submitting, be patient, and good luck.

Julia M
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