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Have an patented advanced all carbon battery ready for mass production with 10,000life cycles and a lifetime warranty

neillizotte's Avatar

Hello, what is the limit to how much funds you can raise for a profitable project with a start-up cost of 1.5 to maybe 2 billion dollars and a 3.5 billion possible profit each year?

I have to confirm yet but an operating cost of 1.5 billion per year with an estimated profit near 3.5 billion per year.

Can you raise that kind of money?

This is a 100% green battery, with no known safety risks, 50% cheap than the best current battery technology on the market to produce and no mining involved so it can be made in any country, no disposal fee it ever dies, ( lifetime warranty) you put in your compost or garden, and the best for last very fast charge time minutes maybe as fast as you can fill your car with gas it will be charged to maybe 95%. and also no heat issues.

Also, plug & play - hot-swappable, with an easy refill of a battery cell into an easy plug-in case and then plug it back it in like a power breaker also it has a warning light indicating issues need to change cell all very simple and intelligent.

comes with full support of the company and inventor who is a world-renowned graphene researcher and devoloped in the real world not a dust free lab.

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rharker's Avatar

Sounds like a game changing technology.

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gadgetmanken's Avatargold

Is it this product?


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neillizotte's Avatar

Yes, but I am not sure if I am allowed to discuss it and not violate the rules of this awesome option to protect and patent your invention.

I have something good, I just thought about and do not what to screw things up.

but I can tell you the battery is ready for someone to license and start mass production.

That's all I want to say until I know all the rules, and I hope it was not too much.

I have been busy learning how to file a strong patent myself until I found this website.

Check out any and all information you can find online about me.

I have been promoting potentially game-changing 100% clean energy inventions as a hobby since 2008 sharing videos and trying to convince governments to invest in research.

I joined Facebook only for promoting clean energy solutions and for the longest time did not know all the features and how to share with more people.

I got a message from facebook I think that said you're getting a lot of friend requests and wondering if there were issues.

I accepted everyone as a friend without even looking who they were or where they came from and got upset after a short while when The Facebook app said I could not have any more Friends.

I watch between 1200 and over 2000 videos on every type of clean energy technologies with a potentially game-changing potential.

Today as I type there are so many game-changing technologies setting up to mass produce.

My whole family are oilfield workers in the heart of big oil country Edmonton Alberta and the advice I 100% all governments and oil companies invest in cleaning up abandoned oil wells and not waste a dime on pipelines as the entire world is going to have the option of going off grid for fractions of what we pay today and the best technology coming will provide high paying jobs all over the world and become the trade with more employees than all other jobs combined.

it's safer than your natural gas furnace and is 100% green, however during research and testing these units out for weakness or risk factors, one scientist was killed, but Google how many natural gas explosions in the US alone and I think it was if I remember 790 pages about with 12 incident s on each page and some with multiple deaths occurring,

The safety restrictions of this technology for in your home that can also free you from the grid and also heat your house should be approved soon with a little thought.

With the technologies coming to market this year electric vehicles will be able to go up to 500 miles and there will be more than a few options all impressive and game-changing and green, non-toxic and a fraction of the cost of whats on the market today.

There will no longer be an issue with water shortages again and desalination technologies ready for mass production today are 1/9 the cost of what is being used today and can clean the most toxic fracking wastewater to the point you can drink it if you're brave and also the same for radioactive water spilling into the ocean in Japan.

All these I have mentioned are public knowledge that you can check out on YouTube or Google.

Friend me on Facebook where I share links to all the inventions I just mentioned and they are not even close to whats also ready get ready your cost of living to drastically lower as energy and heat will soon cost a minute fraction of what you're paying today.

It would be best if you watch and read the posts from world-leading scientists that share openly.

I am not making any money off these technologies currently but If my other projects work out, I will be able to invest or make money by introducing new customers with massive long-term sales and hopefully make a minor ongoing royalty commision they can live with but only if I make them money.

I am disabled with a very serious and very rare sleep disorder, I stop breathing 97 times an hour in several major medical laboratory sleep studies.

I have been this way since 1987 after a drastic oilfield accident.

I was told you can not raise seed funding here, I just promote clean energy  I will have to look up seed funding.

If I do ever make any money 90% will go into my 100% free international educational tutorial website that I have been arranging to buy the rights to tens of thousands of the best quality tutorial videos covering K12 and beyond.

I will be funding this with automated geo-based ads on multiple video showcase websites for a few different uses all and one with high priced ads by lawyers all over Canada for a new website I have several programmers waiting for me to quit adding more features and they give me quote so cheap I just keep adding improvements.

I will not ask the government for any help or tax breaks and I have things designed to pay for themselves.

But I am going to have a drastic reverse discriminatory hiring policy that I will not budge from, I am only going to employee as consultants disabled law enforcement officers and veterans and as many disabled people as I can and every job can be done with anyone that can operate a computer mouse that can learn to cut & paste links and test etc. into the video content manager with only a few clicks.

I was told you could share information about yourself and this is what I am all about

Take Care and if this information I just shared right here is a violation please message me so I can remove it fast.

I suffered a recent concussion still trying to get fully back to normal but it will not slow me down.

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jdowney9000's Avatar

Whew, that's a eye-full.

Niel, I tried to read that, but my time is limited, so I "speed read" it. 

You really poured your heart out there, and in my opinion, if you pour that same heart into your technologies, then success is only a matter of time.

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gadgetmanken's Avatargold

Neil, its sounds like you have a great purpose  for your invention.  It sounds like a game changer technology. I would use it. I find it even a disruptive technology.   The major energy companies, and battery and even oil corporations will try their best at stopping your success, because they could lose their  shirts over your tech.  Even though it would take awhile.   There’s many ideas out there that are game changers, that get buried, because of that. They will buy your patent rights and sit on it so they don’t suffer losses. Or jail you,  or make you dissappear.  You want to make a difference and I think you can, but be careful. 

  • I am not an attorney and I ‘m not offering  any legal advice but, I think you are ok mentioning it here on Edison Nation in the fact you have said your idea is patented. If it is not then you have pretty much given up your chance by mentioning it publically.  If you have just filled a patent for patent pending then you have one year to market, sell it or gain from it, or else getting a patent will be futile.  Just my opinion.
  • You could try Edison Nation with you idea but it may be bigger than they can handle, become an insider so you can at least get their feedback in case they turn it down. $25 is small fee to get expert opinion. 
  • As for you health issues, I’m sorry to hear about those problems your having.  Have you considered an implanted pacemaker?  I have one as well as a defibulater, if my heart beart gets to slow it can bumb it back up to normal rhythm and or shock me good to get it started in case it stops.  I wish you well in your success and your health, good luck.
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