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Help raising capital

jidaykadis's Avatar

hello every one. I am new to this. Just joined after many months of research with local angel network. They referee me to this forum

I have a " patent pending" simple medical device already in commercializations stage with manufacturer for both overseas export, and us sales

Can anyone guide me to a potential investor 

Oh, by the way, I am both a pharmacist, and a trained physician. I developed this product based on my many years of pharmacist practice as well as medical training. 

I am so desperate for capital now that I am willing to accept any offer. Have spent roughy $400k to design, test, and perfect the device. 

Currently have a working prototype, as well as a certification letter from a patent attorney certifying that the device is patentable 


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magurn's Avatar

Hi Dr. Okadigwe and welcome to Edison Nation!

If you're interested in submitting your idea to us to be evaluated for potential licensing opportunities, you're welcome to do so. To get started, just click on "Submit an Idea" in the navigation bar above and select a search you'd like to submit to. As this is a medical product, I would advise either the Consumer Healthcare Search or the All Category Search.

To learn more about our process before submitting an idea, please visit the Edison Nation Help Page.

As a note, Edison Nation is not a company that can assist in funding ideas.

Best of luck to you!

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crystaldiane's Avatar

I would encourage you to call the sister company of Edison Nation, Enventys' They have access to resources that may help you and the experience to run a successful crowd funding campaign. I wish you the very best and hope you find your help you need.  

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jidaykadis's Avatar

thanks everyone. Your suggestions have been very enlightening, and helpful 

I now see why they referred me this site 

Thanks! Thanks!! Thanks!!!  to all of you

I will pursue every leads

Michelle Sartori
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