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How could I fund the idea of innovative weather cameras?

supfanat's Avatar

My idea is filming entire weather with 24/7/365 spherical high-quality timelapse cameras:

Here are technical specifications of my idea:
Field of view: almost entire sphere with only small gap at nadir
Hours of operations: 24/7/365 (or even 24/7/366 at leap year)
Resolution: 4096×2048 (about 4K!)
Bitrate: normally 20 megabits per second (smaller and even bigger values are possible as well)
Update time: about 01:00 at standard time and about 02:00 at daylight saving time
Coverage of one file: 00:00-23:59 at standard time, 01:00-00:59 at daylight saving time
Length of one timelapse file: 4 minutes
Data consumption: about 240 GB per year (25 years to fill a 6-TB HDD!)
Available metadata: UTC date and time, timezone, local date and time, air temperature and humidity, wind speed and direction, illumination (lux), solar and lunar altitude and azimuth, moon phase, solar and lunar declination and meridian. (Maybe even more…)
Appearance: equidistant projection (default) or spherical view
Access options: downloading or streaming
Costs for end user: free! (at least the low-resolution preview version)
Additional options: comparison of two videos is included!

Here are possible uses for this idea.
Entertainment: you won’t be able to oversleep any sunrise anymore!
Science: such visualization of weather would allow people to discover new facts in meteorology!
Education: even schoolchildren would learn much more about meteorology than ever before!

Here are reasons to use such virtual viewing platform instead of real one.
Save your money. Unlike real viewing platform which is normally paid service, The virtual viewing platform could be free!
Save your time. Real viewing platform requires you to spend 24 hours if you want to view weather from 24 hours But our awesome timelapse technique reduces the needed time to just four minutes!
Improve the visualization. You’ll see much more details of weather changes because the speed of timelapse is aligned to the human perception unlike the extremely slow real-speed motion live!
Use this as time machine. The normal viewing platform allows you to see only current weather. In contrast, our idea allows you to see any weather you wish, for example sunny summer day or cloudy winter day, regardless of the current season!
Use this as teleporter. The normal viewing platform needs to be reached in the first place. But the virtual viewing platform can be accessed worldwide in less than a second.
Get better view. The camera can be mounted at higher altitude than the real viewing platform, allowing you to get even better view!
Get inaccessible view. The camera can be mounted even at such places where no viewing platform can be built at all!

Some details
Why should the time shift with daylight saving time?
It’s planned this way to avoid some issues from DST.
1. One 23-hours day and one 25-hours day a year. It’s much simpler to have only 24-hours days.
2. False comparison. Just think about comparison of January 1 and July 1 in Munich. You open two files – one from January 1 00:00 to January 1 23:59 and other from July 1 00:00 to July 1 23:59. Then you compare 12:00 in January with 12:00 in July and you get… comparison of 11:00 UTC with 10:00 UTC. And it’s false. Therefore I suggest to align the times to only standard time, which would seem a bit odd but allow you to compare 11:00 UTC with 11:00 UTC. This tproject is not only for entertainment but also for science so please forget about DST.

I love this idea but how do I fund it? Thank you for your advice!

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magurn's Avatar

Hi Daniel,

You are welcome to submit this idea to our Open Search for evaluation which you can access by clicking on “Submit an Idea” at the top of the page.

Please be aware that posting details of your invention on this forums is public disclosure. The Edison Nation team will not evaluate any ideas presented within our forums.

Best of luck to you!

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