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Licensing a Non-Patented Idea to Multiple Companies

citizen's Avatar

Ok…here is a question. Is it possible to license an idea to more than one company? I know you can with a patented invention.

Let’s say you have an idea for a new baking spoon. You have an idea/concept and a rough look/design. You have two companies interested and they are will both finalize a design.

Any thoughts?

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magurn's Avatar

Hi Jason,

From Edison Nation’s standpoint, if the idea is a technology (like Pressix, for example), we would work to secure a non-exclusive license so we would be able to license the IP to more than one company.

The majority of companies for consumer products do like to get exclusive licenses so they have no competition in the space with similar technology.

Defer to others for thoughts as well.

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williamj's Avatargold

No lawyer here Jacob but I think a nonexclusive license can be made. Like perhaps one license for the east coast, one the Midwest or one for North America and one for Europe etc. etc.. Just what I’m thinking.

( Michelle beat me to it, not by much though.)

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