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Licensing vs. Investors

inneostate's Avatar

We have an idea that has been Art searched by three different experts (2 attorneys and patent expert). None of them have commented on the non-feasibility of patenting our idea/invention based on these searches. Although from what I understand, it really is quite impossible to have a 100% thorough guaranty that there won't be another invention out there somewhere that could potentially block us, we feel that we have done our due diligence exhaustively enough. 

At this point we have already filed PPA  (Jan 2018) and have 12 months to file for NPPA . 

We are now planning ahead to determine, whether we should license our product or go with it on our own?

What are the likely royalty % do most inventors REALISTICALLY get if they do license with a major manufacturer? What part of IP can we attempt to REALISTICALLY retain? (Trademarks? Patents?). Could negotiations result with us still holding onto to the branding/patents, while giving these manufacturers the right to use our idea (ie: license our idea) to them so that they make the majority of the ROI and while we just make a % royalty from their sales?

Any feedback would be helpful! 


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magurn's Avatar

Hi Sanjoy!

Welcome to Edison Nation! While I cannot advise you which path you should take, what I can suggest is that you review our standard terms and conditions to learn about our process. Please visit the Edison Nation Help Page to learn more and if you have any questions following that review, please send us a note at questions@edisonnation.com.

If you feel we're a fit for you, we look forward to reviewing your idea!

Best of luck!

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