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Local Resources Opening Doors

chappy75's Avatar

Here we have another exciting milestone. In February we presented the Bay Glider and Psydon Watercrafts to the Collier County Office of Business and Economic Development (OBED). They set me up with other presentations and In April they requested our numbers and I thought I had that on point. Tuns out that they don't really care how many man hours will go into building each phase of the board. They wanted to know forecasts and assumptions.

Well in Tax season is NOT when to hire a CPA... But we did. After tax season my CPA started putting together the numbers that I had laid out in a production format in Excel to a financials format.world of difference. Even though they say the same thing funding sources want to see financials. Okay, so we gave it to them.

Now OBED is opening doors that I didn't even know existed. Next week they are shopping my deal to these entities.




oStellar Capital LLC-

olucre capital LLC; 1001 10th Ave S Unit 216; Naples, Florida 34102

The County office is handling all the leg work and vouching for our business because we delivered everything they asked for. Originally, I never even suspected that they would do this. I thought they would point out the places to be able to submit applications. They really are coming through though. *** Feeling Blessed***

Patric J
Mark Bartlett
Archie .
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kimmyk's Avatargold

Nice!!  That's so exciting.  You're really moving forward on all this - Congrats!!

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chappy75's Avatar

it is exciting... Thanks.


Yes, we have seeded with $100,000. We are opening our series A offering 25% with up to 20% buy back clause if within 3 years.

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