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Lost Crewmen Fund Raising Campaign Actiivated ... Please Help If You Can!

kdc's Avatar

As many of you already know, my heart and soul has been involved in this search everyday since February/March. I feel as if I have adopted these families into my life. The search continues but the resources for finding Anthony, Jaryd and Reg are becoming very limited. The families have set up a GoFundMe campaign to try and raise money to continue forward with the search. The missing catamaran has been spotted twice by passing vessels. I am going to copy and paste the current situation as was posted by the family early this morning.

If anyone can help, it would greatly be appreciated and for those who are unable to help with a donation…we understand completely, and would like to ask that you help by posting a link to the GoFundMe campaign on your Facebook and Twitter pages and keep them in your prayers.

Thanks again…so much!

Message from the family:
Nicole Payne with Storme Robertson 9 hrs

To our amazing supporters. We have launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise the funds needed to urgently get to the upturned hull that was sighted on May 21st and again on Friday June 5th. The ship that made the most recent sighting – which was at 27 51.7S 063 01.6E, 552NM SE from Reunion Island – was asked by MRCC Cape Town to return to the location on humanitarian grounds. The Master agreed to return, to place radar reflector on the catamaran as well as identify the hull and do further checks for signs of life. The families are deeply grateful for the Master’s actions in this regard, however very bad weather in the region made it hard for the merchant ship to re-locate the hull and it had to return to its course. The families are desperate to reach the upturned hull and are now raising funds to assist in this, as well as other costs associated with this traumatic and ongoing event, among them legal costs. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who have supported us over the past few months – both here and on Tomnod. This is not something we ever imagined we would have to face and our anguish is deep and unending. However, with your support, we believe that we will find the catamaran, and we hold onto hope that Anthony, Reg & Jaryd will have made it through this nightmare alive.
To make donations please click on our GoFundMe campaign http://www.gofundme.com/t2md9s

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inovate's Avataree_badge

Bless you Kathleen
I pray that they can get a lock on their catamaran. It may have some clues or answers. I also put out in the universe, the best possible closure This crew is found.
Thanks for you and your efforts my friend
Warmest Aloha,

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coolschool's Avatar

I have helped a little with the Tomnod search and I’d just like to say that Kathleen has been dauntless in her efforts to find these men. You go, girl!

Praying for a good resolution and peace for all involved with this situation.

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kdc's Avatar

Thank you Charlie…
Cathie…you have been a great help, sharing your links and finds and I appreciate the time you’ve given and I know the family does as well. I’m hoping Tomnod will look at the current situation and sightings as being worthy enough to provide new search areas for us.

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A message from a loving Mother to her missing son at sea:

Nicole Payne ‎Searching for Anthony, Reg & Jaryd

Our precious boy, today, 7 months ago, you, Reg and Anthony left Table Bay Harbour, to embark on your journey to Thailand, the beginning of your sailing career. Little did we know at the time, it would be the beginning of our worst nightmare. Words cannot begin to explain how much we miss you boy. Not a hour in the day goes by where we don’t think of you. As hard as we try to get through the day, it is just not the same without you. If we light a fire outside, we miss you..our chats about our dreams, love, life and everything else.. till early hours of the morning. Waking up on Sundays, and you making us your famous omelletes…Going clothing shopping, and saying to myself “Jarry, would love that”. The “road trip” to Swazi with your mates, when you returned from this trip, that we all looked so forward to. Wherever you are boy, we pray that you are warm, safe, healthy, and that God is with you..giving you peace, comfort and strength…Always know how incredibly proud your Dad and I are of the amazing man you grew up to be. You stuck by us through the worst of times, and the best of times..We will never give up on you Jarry..never..We love and miss you more than words can say..we all miss you….and by the Grace of God, we pray that we see you very soon..with all the love we have to give and then some..from your Pops and I.

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kdc's Avatar

I’m still in search for the three missing crewmen even though Tomnod no longer
has images available for it. I’m still working with the family and I’m using another
website that uses Digital Globe and I’ve discovered many, many tiny islands in the Indian Ocean that you can’t see on a regular view of the map unless you zoom in.

I have always felt the men made it to an island, but everyone kept telling me there are no islands in that area. I am now working with the family, offline through email and sending them images and info on the islands.

I just can’t let this search go…I know they are still alive out there, somewhere. As you can imagine, the families are heartbroken.

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stephanieb's Avatarg8_badge

God bless you, Kathleen….God bless the men and their families….

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kdc's Avatar

Sunsail RC044-978, update 2 July 2015

Yesterday, Sunsail has appointed a local specialist firm in Mauritius to investigate the area identified by the MRCC as the most likely location of the upturned and as yet unidentified yacht. The name of the specialist firm’s vessel is Comarco Swift and she will set sail on 5 July, weather permitting. A dive team of three will join the crew who are headed up by an experienced search party captain. It is expected that the Comarco Swift will arrive in the area in approximately two to three days and it is anticipated the voyage will take eight days in total.

We have in principle agreed with the legal representatives of the families of the crew that an independent observer, jointly appointed by Sunsail and the families, will accompany the Comarco Swift to the area where the upturned hull was last seen. The observer has substantial experience in sailing and boatbuilding.

The humanitarian purpose of the voyage will be to attempt to locate the yacht, determine if it is indeed the RC044-978 and to establish whether any of the crew are still on board. If the yacht is found to be the RC044-978 and nothing is found on board she will be sunk.

Given the local weather conditions currently prevailing in the Indian Ocean there is no guarantee that the yacht will be found.

We can confirm that the MRCC are continuing to alert vessels in the vicinity and are assisting with the drift patterns.

It remains a priority for Sunsail to find out what happened to the missing boat and its crew.

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kdc's Avatar

I’ve had some members message me for any updates on this search. So, I thought I’d post it here.

After TOO many delays, the Comarco Swift tug finally left Port Louis on Sunday July 12th. They are headed to the area where an upturned Catamaran was spotted with consideration to the waves and drift from the time it was spotted.

As of today, as shown in the photo, the Comarco Swift is almost to the area of interest.
Please keep the prayers going and pray for a positive outcome. Hopefully, they will find some of the answers they are searching for…and maybe even a miracle!

I have been on vesseltracker.com tracking the Comarco Swift and attached a photo of it’s position.

Thanks to all who have been following this with me.

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