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Members KickStarter campaign plans assault on Soda Stream

donjones's Avatar

DLJ Innovations is seeking funding for our new home soda fountain machine. The non electric unit utilizes standard soda concentrate and off the shelf soda water.
" Soda drinkers have been getting screwed for years" says Don Jones, Inventor of the new system. " 2 liter bottles are just to big while the 1 liter bottles can only be enjoyed by a select few. Cans? Forget about it. Who wants all that metal in your body!
The new devise has 2 openings. One in the front and one in the rear.
Simply pour your favorite soda concentrate in the front hopper. Next, inert a 2 liter bottle of soda water in the back of machine( pictures coming soon)
Now with just a few pumps of the ejection lever your ready for a fresh delicious soda.
Please take a moment to go to kick starter and look over our campaign. We need all you EN members to get behind us on this one!
Punch in SODA MIZER in the search box and come along for the ride!


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