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What are the best sites where I can find articles about the newest inventions?

johndavis12's Avatar

I know techcrunch already...but I'm looking for other suggestions for sites with articles. Thank you!

Adam W.
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chappy75's Avatar

I troll Kickstarter and Indygogo... I like entrepreneur magazine and sometimes just type in "Best New Inventions" into google and BAM! 


I don't fond inspiration there though... I like to wade through the worlds misery and type in "Complaints" into Google. It is like prospecting for a golden egg in a chicken coupe. Sometimes it kicks innovation in!

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awildx's Avatargold

I use Tuvie Design, Yanko Design and Popular Mechanics.  All good sources.

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chappy75's Avatar

Since I am in transportation, I search daily for competing products and concepts. I received an email this morning from my production manager this morning with a warning about Knock-offs from an email he received yesterday.

Well, it was nothing that we don't already know about, absolutely not worried. The research led me to a very interesting site that would have me enthralled for the remainder of the day. Check this out. neat stuff.


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bobk's Avatar

You might look at mass.innovationnights.com

Besides the online presence, each month they host a free session in the Metro-Boston area showcasing a dozen or so new products.

James Chapman
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chappy75's Avatar

Nice suggestion Bob... http://mass.innovationnights.com/product-listing

I just spent the last half hour on their website... tons of info...

John Davis
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