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What is the best way to present your idea here on Edison Nation: to get a complex idea to development and patenting

robertjamesharris's Avatar

I am fairly poor on resources but I can work to draft ideas on Draftsight. Just too poor to pay to get a patent or build a prototype.

just looking for ideas to improve my submission to increase its chances of being selected as its fairly complex to construct further in this process.

If they need a 3D model suggestions for free 3D Design software that is easy on the computer would be helpful as well.

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magurn's Avatar

Hi Robert and welcome to Edison Nation!

We do not require formal 3D designs or a physical prototype to evaluate your idea. We just ask that you provide a thorough, succinct description for your concept outlining its ability to be patented. You can find a ton of great resources on the Edison Nation Blog to help get you started!

Will defer to community members for other hints!

Best of luck!

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