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Movie "JOY" about INVENTOR Joy Mangano and her "Miracle Mop"

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I might be "late to the party", but I just watched a movie called "JOY" about the inventor of the Miracle Mop.. I'd never heard of it before, but would recommend it to all. It may have been discussed in the forums already (if it was I missed it).. It chronicles through her story of how she came up with the idea (from concept, prototype, through production problems and marketing) and her struggles and ultimate success. It's very interesting because it was during the time when QVC & HSN first started and it's also part of the story.  the beginning of the movie was kinda slow and different, BUT it began to speed up later (it seemed to come across as a comedy in the beginning).. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Best to all!

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Thanks KJ, I've never heard of that movie before but, I'll be sure to check it out.

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Thats a good move.

Another interesting move is about Mc Donald’s 

I think it’s call “The Founder” Not too happy about the ending but it’s interesting and shows that you cannot trust anyone or rely on their word get all deals it on paper.

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