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Pet Retailer Welcomes Inventors To Pitch

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AS PULLED FROM World Pet Association News Feed...

Pets at Home has announced that it is to hold two ‘Innovation Speed Dating’ days in 2017.

The Speed Dating Day on Wednesday 1 March will focus on food and treat innovations and the second day, on Wednesday 15 March, will focus on non-food and accessory innovations.

The retailer is welcoming inventors, suppliers, entrepreneurs and pet owners to pitch pet-friendly product ideas to a panel of judges.

On previous Innovation days, Pets at Home has seen more than 150 inventors – from across the globe – pitch their product ideas to key decision makers in the business who are excitedly searching for new products and concepts to bring to the pet industry.

Claire Gavin, head of Private Brands and Innovation at Pets at Home, said: “The Innovation Days offer a rare and exciting opportunity for people to share great ideas and work with us to turn those ideas into real products.

“From aquatic accessories and fish food to rabbit runs and puppy pens, if you have an idea we want to hear from you!”

The Innovation Days are being held at the Pets at Home Support Office in Handforth, Manchester.

Claire continues: “We spend our time searching the four corners of the globe for fantastic product ideas and concepts. However, nothing comes close to those ideas born from necessity.

“By that I mean the passionate pet owners who have been unable to find solutions and then spend time, creative thought, tenacity and determination to create their very own answer to a problem – that’s innovation.”

To find out more information email productdesign@petsathome.co.uk

Pets at Home will then contact anyone whose concept grabs their attention and give them the opportunity to deliver a 30 minute pitch to the panel of trading experts on Wednesday 1 March for food or Wednesday 15 March for accessories at the Pets at Home’s head office.

The deadline for responses is Sunday 19 February for food and Sunday 2 March for accessories.

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