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Sears sell Craftsman to Stanley Black and Decker Jan. 5 2017

paulortega's Avatar

Wow!   Wish Sears and Stanley Black and Decker  the best of luck.


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bobk's Avatar

I hope they don't downgrade the Craftsman brand of tools. Black and Decker, in my opinion, suffered a real hit in quality when joined to (acquired? whatever) Stanley. I think they made Dewalt their high-end and B&D the low-end.

Paul Ortega
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kimmyk's Avatargold

Another monopoly in the works.  I thought there were laws against that kinda thing...

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gizmo's Avatar

@ Bob the B&D line of tools have always been there low end tools. Many yrs ago they had some Professional line tools that didnt last long. 

@ Kim its not really a monopoly with B&D picking up the Craftsman line. B&D has been Mfg/Private Labeling tools for Sears/Craftsman for many years along with other major tool Companies. 

B&D was already a power house in the Industry. Look and see how many Companies they own in different categories. Ace Hardware has been selling Craftsman Brand tools since 2010 . 

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bobk's Avatar

Well, the B&D might have been 'low' but they've gotten even lower, in my opinion.  I've got a few older B&D tools that were 'not bad' but today's equivalents are cheesier. I realize a lot of products are made more  'cost effective' (i.e. degraded) over time - maybe that's what happened to B&D.

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