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how to opt in to a live search as insider

tboult's Avatargold

I joined and signed up as an insider.  I've submitted one idea to Crowdfunding where I'm now at G2.  At https://app.edisonnation.com/faq/faq_top_freque... it says insiders can opt into other searchers for free.  I tried to figure out how to opt into ASOTV (it is a sports product that I think would do well in a short commercial), but it seems to want to charge again.   Is there something I am missing.  Do I need to wait for I just wait for Crowdfunding to finish?

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tboult's Avatargold

Answering my own questions.  One just submits the idea  (submit button under the idea on the dashboard), and even though it says Billing and Agreement and it looks like its going to charge you, it does not seem to charge.   Confusing but easy.

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