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FInding a company to make your product and estimate its per unit cost

syab's Avatar


I have a 3D drawing and prototype made of my invention. I want to have it priced per unit so I can start my marketing campaign? It's a stainless steel product. I've googled and researched but just cant seem to find the right manufacturer. I want to manufacturer it in the USA. I don't trust going overseas since this is my first invention.

When I google, I just come across large steel manufacturers. Am I even looking in the right direction? 

Any help would be great.


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keeztan's Avatar

You may want to try a source like Thomasnet.com. You can search under terms like Stainless Steel Fabricators or Stainless Fabricators. You can narrow your search to look for like items. Good Luck!

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kabuj's Avataree_badge


I highly encourage you to sign up with MFG.com. you can issue RFP's electronically and with non-disclosure documents to receive bids, locally, nationally or internationally (you choose). Their user platform is excellent as well.

I have been using this service for about six years to get competitive quotes on most of my products. some I have executed and some I have not.

Good luck!

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gizmo's Avatar

Im with Leo and Roger on this one. The tooling can be very expensive starting out. I would look at the competition and market size for sales. Also MAKE SURE your not going to infringe on another product .  

Ralph Machesky
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chappy75's Avatar

syab, I agree with what others have said here. 

Before you consider doing anything in the way of marketing you must protect the IP. Marketing is for sales. Marketing campaign is the very last thing you need to worry about if you don't know how much you are going to make it for.

For making metal parts look for small Tool & Die manufacturers. Use an NDA. You don't have to go over seas for that. 

It costs practically nothing to file a provisional patent application. Some people on here don't think that air is enough because of the inherent weaknesses. 

Talk to an attorney to find out what is in your best interest. 

Learn how to do a Current Market Analysis. I sat in as a panelist on a French Electric Motorcycle company and just brought a CMA of their competition in the USA. It spoke volumes and is causing them to make some changes. 

This is a skill you MUST have or license the product because you don't know your market or how to assess it. Forget about marketing and focus on how you're manufacturing. That will give you your price points.

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crystaldiane's Avatar

You might google Makers Agents, or Makers Row. Do you know the exact kind of manufacturing process that is needed to make your product? This will help. Also, a huge FREE Resource is your Local SBA - And SCORE - The retired folks. They have been a huge help to me and helped me to find local and offshore resources to make my items for me. 

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