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I could use some guidance on getting things off the ground.

vostokni's Avatar

I have successfully developed my very own method for graphene production.

It is an environmentally friendly top down approach that is both scalable

and allows me to reduce the cost of the material to a point where it becomes

more accessible to the general public.

The specification is as follows

98.6% 1 to 5 layer Graphene flake

Planar range: 0.25~50um

Resistance: 300 Ohm/cm2

Trace: Sulphur, Nitrogen, Ash, Acetone.

The material exhibits thermal conductivity somewhere between copper and diamond, it may

even edge out silver in this property. I'm hoping over the next two weeks to get a spectrometer

read out of my material for reasons of quality assurance. Right now I am only capable of

making around 1 Kilogram of the material fortnightly but in time I'd like to ramp up the

production volume.

I have the material but... I'm not seeing the demand for it. I have contacted many companies

just to ascertain if they are doing any kind of research in which my material could be of use

but the answer is either no or no response at all. I have the material on amazon, ebay 

but not much in the way of interest on those platforms.

What can I do to increase my odds to finding a buyer for my material? I'm starting to run

out of ideas.

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vitaminguy's Avatar

Very interesting. How do you know that what you have is actually graphene and not some analog of graphite?

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