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To receive a licensing deal, does your product need a patent? Even if there nothing proprietary about it. I have read manufacturers won’t manufacture your product without a patent. Is this true?

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magurn's Avatar

Hi Jesse,

To add to Frank’s great response, also wanted to confirm that if your product passes through our eight-stage process (outlined in the “Help” section above), and we do license your product, Edison Nation will handle the patent filing.

Best of luck to you and we look forward to reviewing your idea!

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I am looking for some guidance and help, I recently submitted my idea/invention to Idea Design Studios and the design a webpage that includes renderings, technical writing and specific details about my idea. Then I have submitted my idea to Lambert and Lambert for consultation for licensing feasibility. I received a pretty good score on the index about my idea/product. They see my product as not enough profit margin but a very solid product that can potentially do well but does not want to take risk. I am trying to find some guidance with my product. I know I have something here and I don’t see in the US market.

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speedbump's Avatar

Hi Jesse …. welcome to Edison nation forums. Every inventor has to choose how they want to try to establish contacts and to get to market. Part of this process is deciding on who is trustworthy. I always try to err on the side of caution with this choice. I also contact Lambert and Lambert about 3 years ago and if nothing else received another patent search when they reviewed my product. I found their evaluation to be pretty much bogus and would classify it as just a print out of meaningless numbers that seemed to have little real in depth analysis. I feel that their real money maker is probably reviewing submissions and sending out reports. When i look at their success page now I only see a couple successes listed on there that weren’t there 3 years ago. Their success numbers just don’t seem to be very good.

There’s a multitude of free, informative, useful and correct information to be found here on the Edison Nation forums. There are also several people who frequent these forums that are very reasonably priced that do superior renderings and design work. Just search for rendering with the search bar on the forums here and you’ll find several if you have a future. need. If you want references for their work you can read what others have said about their work by reading here on the forums. There are also lots of other talented people in other fields represented here.

This is all just my opinion but if you’re trying to find a licensing partner and don’t have a patent in place you’ll find very few companies who will look at your product. If you want to manufacture your product on your own then you might get your product to market with a company but the financial burden is on you and without a patent there’s no way to keep someone else from taking your idea. It’s kind of a catch 22.

If you want to get the most bang for your buck I’d suggest becoming an insider here (cost of $100) and then submitting your idea to Edison Nation. The submission itself will cost $20 and you will get some feedback …. it may be a little generic … but it will state any problems they find. If Edison Nation feels your idea has market potential then they will find a marketing partner and handle the patent process at no cost to you. Keep in mind everyone here has a product they feel has a place on the store shelf and many do get to see their dreams come true….. but it’s not an easy road to travel. Best of luck on the journey down whatever road you decide to travel.

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