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coffeeintheam's Avatar

Hi everyone nice to meet you all.This is my very first post.I would like to know what is he best way to find a manufacturer for my invention.I am now in the patent stage .I reside in the U.S and have know idea how to find a manufacturer,how do you know who to solicit from Aliababa or other sites like that.

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kimmyk's Avatargold

I think Liz Crouch went through Alibaba to find her manufacturer in China. You may want to friend her and ask how she found them.  Good luck!

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syab's Avatar

I find thomasnet confusing. Any suggestions on how to simplify the process?

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sidhanth's Avatar


First search in google with the related search terms of your services. Then go deep with the results and find which one is better. According to my view and also respected quality, Eigen Engineering is the best one where I can propose.

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